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welcome_imgThe topic of this article is the Sarasota dentist. If you are fortunate enough to be  living in the beautiful subtropical city of Sarasota, you will be pleased to know that you have some of the best dentists in America right here.


There are many licensed, reputable general practice dentists in Sarasota, so there is one near you. Sarasota has specialized dentists, such as orthodontists, periodontists, pediatric dentists, endodontists, maxillofacial dentists, and others.


It will be good to know just what a dentist of each type does. They all treat their clients for overall health, and so that they will look their best. So, a description of all fields of dentistry will be provided here.


What does a dentist general practitioner do?

A dentist in general practice routinely performs many procedures for your health, and also s/he performs procedures for cosmetic reasons. This very skilled professional helps you keep your teeth and gums healthy and looking good. The dentist general practitioner typically cleans your teeth, removes cavities and fills the teeth, reads and analyzes x-rays, installs protective coatings on teeth, and installs braces or repair broken teeth. A dentist will also pull teeth and if specialized, replace missing teeth.


A Sarasota dentist will give you tips on proper brushing your teeth, flossing them, using mouth wash, and proper diet for your teeth and gums to look good and stay healthy. A Sarasota dentist is a licensed doctor, so she or he can prescribe medications.


Specialized dentists in Sarasota


  • Residing in Sarasota, you will be near a variety of specialized dentists. A specialist must undergo more education and training.
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  • A high percentage of specialists in dentistry are orthodontists, who are trained to straighten teeth, and can install permanent replacements for your missing teeth.
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  • The oral/ maxillofacial surgeon is licensed to perform surgery in your mouth and jaws.
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  • The Sarasota pediatric dentist will have children as their patients, and are very good at making a child feel as comfortable as possible while in the dentist’s office.
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  • Prosthodontists replace missing teeth with artificial teeth.
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  • Endodontists specialize in performing root canals. Public health dentists treat and instruct their patients for health maintenance of the gums and teeth.
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  • Oral pathologists are researchers who study various dentistry diseases.
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  • The oral and maxillofacial radiologist diagnoses diseases of the head and throat.

Sarasota Dentist: Requirements to become a licensed dentist in Florida

The first hurdle to become a licensed dentist in Florida is to earn a Bachelor of Science Degree from an accredited college or university in some field of science. Your grades must be high overall, as entry into any dental school is very competitive. Once the degree is earned, all applicants to become a dentist in Florida must pass the American Dental Licensing Examination (ADEX) to be licensed in the United States. This test is given by the North East Regional Board of Dental Examiners, Inc. (NERB).

If you still haven’t received a D.D.S. or D.M.D. degree from an accredited dental school by the American Dental Association on Dental Accreditation, will have to get approval from the Florida Board of Dentistry before they can register for the American Dental Exam (ADEX). Then the applicant for the dental license in Florida can only schedule for the exam by NERB if there is a written receipt by the Florida Board of Dentistry that they are eligible for the exam. Scores are only reported by the State of Florida.

Recently, Florida Governor Rick Scott made it official that any graduates of a non-accredited dental school must now complete a minimum of two years of full time academic study at a general dentistry program that is accredited by the American Dental Association Commission on Dental Accreditation. Once this program is completed you will have the title of Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) or Doctor of Medical Dentistry (D.M. D.). Furthermore, an applicant must finish all portions of the clinical and written exams within a year-and-a-half. There is no deadline to apply to the Florida Board of Dentistry for the dental license as a general practitioner, but approval to take the Laws and Rules Exam can only be taken if there is a written receipt presented. As you can see, the requirements to become a Sarasota dentist are very strict. There are also fees, of course, that must be paid to get the licensing once all exams are passed

The various fees needed to be paid in getting a dental license in Florida:

Application is now $100.00, and is non-refundable.
The Initial Licensure Fee is $305.00, Laws and Rules Fee is $80.00, with a total of $485.00.

How many years does it take to become a dentist?

The Sarasota dentist who specializes must have two to four years training after earning a dental license. To become an instructor of dentistry or researcher, there is up to five years of study needed after earning a general dentist degree. Most of dentists in Florida are satisfied to have a general practice, and also are self-employed.

What innate abilities help to become a dentist?

To become a Sarasota dentist, you must be able to organize well, and possess good manual dexterity. You need to have good visual memory of the physical surroundings. You should like science and business, and communicate well with others. It is a plus if you enjoy being around, and talking with others.

If you are considering becoming a Sarasota dentist, the outlook for the next several years is good. Employment will be as good as in many careers. Many Sarasota dentists are baby boomers, which is the generation born right after World War II and 1960, and many are now retiring. Also the baby-boomers as your clients will need dental work, such as the usual fillings, artificial tooth implants, root canals, and bridges. Fortunately, this generation of older citizens will have more teeth at an older age than previous generations. Remember, too, that the growing population of younger generations will provide dentists with all they can handle.

The population is growing fast in the Sunbelt, which means cities like Sarasota, Florida. To become a Sarasota dentist, the requirements are challenging to meet. There is much post secondary education and training needed. For these many reasons, there will be a dental career waiting for you. The pay is high; with the average dentist who is a general practitioner in Sarasota having a salary of over $131,000 per year. Keep in mind, though, that as a self-employed Sarasota dentist, you must provide your own retirement plan, as well as all forms of insurance.

Conclusion for the Sarasota dentist

There is a continuing need for dentists. In the future, they will also be doing much more than cleaning and filling teeth. Advances in technology and research will allow Sarasota dentist in coming years to give even better treatment for their clients. So, if you are living in Sarasota, Florida, after reading this article you realize all the education and training your Sarasota dentist had to go through. You should feel more at ease now about visiting your Sarasota dentist, and can expect the best evaluation and treatment for any dental problem. If your general practitioner cannot help you with a specific tooth or gum problem, you will be referred to a Sarasota dentist, who is specialized in one of the many advanced fields of dentistry. You now are aware, too, that if you are thinking about a career as a Sarasota dentist, you now know the Florida requirements. You also know that it can be a lucrative career. There will be a huge demand for you if you become a Sarasota dentist.

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